How To Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker

How To Use A Stovetop Espresso MakerUsing a stovetop espresso maker really is as simple as filling the lower water chamber to the fill line. Filling the coffee grounds basket to the top with slightly fine ground coffee. Lastly after screwing the top chamber on you place the entire pot on low/medium heat until the moka or stove top espresso fills the upper chamber.

Each moka pot will act a little differently but the basics are all the same.

Don’t tamp the coffee down and make sure to use the full amount of water. You can’t expect to make a big or small batch at any given time.

Lastly make sure to keep an eye on the espresso pot while it’s on the stove. It’s no like a kettle that whistles at you when it’s done and the burner won’t turn itself off. You have to be there to turn off the heat right as it finishes brewing otherwise you may ruin your batch of coffee or even the rubber gasket that makes the pot work.

Stovetop espresso is very easy to make but you have to be attentive. It’s not the same as using an automatic coffee maker but the coffee on the other side will be much better so it’s worth it.